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LEGO® Insiders gift with purchases of 4800 Kč or more*Learn more

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Smart motors, power hubs, color and distance sensors, LED lights – all you need to bring your customized creations to life. Easily add movement, light, sound and Bluetooth® remote control to your LEGO® sets.

Find Powered Up products and components for builders of all ages

Code movements, speed and directions, add sounds and lights, and boost your LEGO models. The Powered Up platform lets you remote-control your creations via Bluetooth® and code them into action with the Powered Up app.

Move Hub

Average rating3.5out of 5 stars
Price1949,00 Kč
Hard to find

Grand Piano

Average rating4.3out of 5 stars
Price10099,00 Kč
Hard to find

Loop Coaster

Average rating4out of 5 stars
Price10099,00 Kč
Hard to find

Motorised Lighthouse

Average rating4.6out of 5 stars
Price7599,00 Kč
Hard to find

Holiday Main Street

Average rating4.3out of 5 stars
Price2369,00 Kč

Liebherr Crawler Crane LR 13000

Average rating4.3out of 5 stars
Price16999,00 Kč

Cargo Train

Average rating4.4out of 5 stars
Price4699,00 Kč

Freight Train

Average rating4.8out of 5 stars
Price4499,00 Kč

How-To Videos

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Get inspired with awesome fan creations

Animals, buildings, LEGO® Friends sets... everything can be motorized with Powered Up. The possibilities are endless for builders of all ages. Spark your imagination with some inspiration!

Is it an animal? Is it a robot? Yes, and yes

Monkeys, snails, owls... kids love all kinds of animals, and now they can make them move and control them with an app.
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LEGO® Friends goes high-tech

See what becomes possible when you combine the power of friendship with Powered Up. You can motorize a secret jewelry box, make a spinning carousel for the LEGO Friends mini-dolls, or send them on an adventure in a motorized plane!
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Light, sound, movement, action!

A powered windmill with lights, doors that open and close, a carousel for your minifigures, even a rollercoaster – anything a young mind can imagine.
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Toy vehicles on the move

Cars, a house on wheels, boats, trains... if it looks like it should move, then it can be made to move with Powered Up components. Controlled by app or remote control!
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Get the free app to control your Powered Up creations

Do you have questions about Powered Up? Learn more about the components, read helpful FAQs, and find the answers you’re looking for here.

Power Functions/Powered Up: What’s the difference?

We’ve used the Power Functions platform in the past to motorize some of our LEGO® Technic or LEGO Creator Expert sets. Powered Up replaces Power Functions and brings you heaps of improved functionalities like:

  • Improved range
  • New wireless Bluetooth® connections that work behind obstacles
  • Lots of channels
  • Non sunlight sensitive
  • Compatibility with Bluetooth® Low Energy devices
  • Better support sensors and smart motors
  • New tech platform that works across most new LEGO® smart components
  • New Powered Up connection plugs/points for light, sensors and motors.


LEGO® STEM toys spark and nurture creative problem-solving, critical thinking, curiosity, confidence – even language skills. Now you can help kids learn the skills they’ll need for life and the workplace of tomorrow while playing and having fun! Find out more here.

Many of the models shown on the Powered Up website were built or greatly inspired by LEGO® fans from around the world.
Special thanks and credits to: Yoshihito Isogawa, Anika Brandsma and Grohl

Yoshihito Isogawa    Anika Brandsma    Grohl

Discover Powered Up-Enabled LEGO Sets

We’ve got exciting mechanical playsets for boys and girls, from LEGO® City Trains to the LEGO® DC Super Heroes App-Controlled Batmobile!