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Watch creativity grow

No green thumb needed as you craft these 9 tiny plants to fill your home with joy. The LEGO® Icons Tiny Plants showcase a range of arid, tropical and even carnivorous species, with each plant nestled in its own terracotta-coloured plant pot. A great gift for gardening fans and plant lovers, this set is the perfect project to enjoy with friends and family, with different models for easy, medium and advanced builders.

Rainforest champions

Tropical plants like the jade plant, false shamrock and laceleaf thrive in warm, humid conditions.

Captivating creations

Carnivorous plants like the Venus flytrap, red sundew and the pitcher plant can lure and trap their prey.

Desert survivors

Succulents, prickly pear and pincushion cacti thrive in hot, windy climates with very little rain.

From tranquil gardens to exotic bouquets, explore the Botanical Collection now.

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