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Tree House

It took about two months (about 300 hours) to complete the model. I remodeled the whole project six times (trunk, shacks, roofs, leaves, etc.) in designing my final creation.

Meet the Maker…

The person behind the original Treehouse design is Kevin Feeser, a hairdresser and huge LEGO® fan from France. Not just creative by profession, Kevin is an avid lover of design, architecture and nature, all of which merges together in his awesome treehouse creation.

Here is more from the man himself…

“I’m passionate about nature, wildlife and wooden constructions…so the idea for the model emerged during an unusual weekend with friends in Robinson Crusoe-style treehouses.

The tree trunk was the most difficult part of the model to get right, because it had to be robust enough to support three shacks while using the least number of elements possible! Also, the shacks were a challenge…there had to be a lot of details, and bridges and stairs between each hut, as well as an overall round shape.

When I saw that I had reached the magic 10,000 supporters in less than 4 months, I was very proud and really happy! I always believed in my creation but didn't expect it to reach the 10,000 supporters so quickly.”

To create a successful LEGO Ideas product idea:

“Be creative - check out what’s out there…and then do something entirely different.

Be inspired - put together a portfolio of real things (photos, drawings, etc.).

Be prepared - source the right elements, visit the LEGO Pick-a-Brick website, etc.

Finally, carefully read the LEGO Ideas rules. From my own experience, I misread the rules and I had to remodel my whole design to use less than 3,000 LEGO elements!”

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Tree House

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