Selling an awesome future

"Knowing you're working for a brand that brings joy and has a positive impact on its fans and the world we live in makes doing the job rewarding," says Emily, Key Account Director.

Emily first joined our LEGO® family in 2008 and started her journey in our LEGOLAND® Florida Resort. Now she is working in our Enfield Hub as a Key Account Director and an important part of our Sales Team.

"It's exciting to watch the beginning to end process and know that I'm responsible for bringing products to retailers and into the hands of LEGO fans across the US," says Emily, our Key Account Director.

Emily mainly works with one of our biggest retail partners, Target. With her help, we're able to create plans and strategies to help spread learning through play experiences far and wide. But, a Sales role in the LEGO Group is not just about selling sets. With the help of our marketing team, they work to create experiences for our fans and store guests. Our Sales Team get to see it all happen. From start to finish, they play a central role in creating an awesome and unique LEGO experience for all of our fans.

The best thing about working in the Sales Team? For Emily, it's the people. She gets to be surrounded by fantastic and awesome people every day. She also believes that the LEGO brand plays an important part in why she loves it here. Bringing joy to children and adults across America, and having a positive impact on their lives means the world to Emily.

We love to watch you grow!

We make sure to provide our people with as many resources and continued learning opportunities as possible. From online tools to on-the-job development, there's an option for everyone. We have a range of individual learning programs that you can build with your leader, so you can focus on the areas you want to grow in.

So, how does Emily inspire the builders of tomorrow?

"My role is to get LEGO bricks in the hands of children by making them accessible at retail. The more children who purchase or receive LEGO bricks, the greater chance we have to inspire and develop our future builders," Emily shares.

If you like the sound of using your creativity, personality and imagination to help and inspire LEGO fans worldwide, join Emily in our Sales Team. Take her word for it – it's awesome!