Say Hej to our LEGO® Munich Sales, Marketing & Operations Team

There’s a lot going on behind the bricks of our Munich Sales, Marketing, and Operations team here at the LEGO Group. Our team are bridging the gap between LEGO® bricks and the consumer, which means they’re always engaging with stakeholders, buyers, and of course…consumers!

Recently we invited a mix of Account Managers, Sales Managers, Brand Managers and Marketing Managers across Germany to say Hej to our awesome Munich colleagues to get an understanding of their inspiring personal career journeys, and to get a flavour of what it’s really like to be a part of the LEGO Group in Munich.

The team discussed how their roles determines where budget gets spent across both marketing channel placements and the product offering itself. There’s lots of planning involved – and lots of playing too - but that’s because there are so many great LEGO themes. From LEGO® DUPLO® to the LEGO® Architecture, the team’s goal is to raise awareness for all our amazing LEGO sets!

Our host Kwame Asare, Talent Attraction and Campaign Manager, caught up with our talented team discuss their roles and experience. Here are some of our favorite moments from the discussion:

Karen Pascha-Gladyshev, Vice President & General Manager Europe Central (EUC - Germany, Austria, Switzerland) 👋

‘What’s so great at the LEGO Group is that I have two kids and a husband, and all four of us love LEGO® as a brand – even before I joined! I love building, we all do, so I really like the purpose of what we’re doing: inspiring the builders of tomorrow…I’m definitely the most popular parent!’


Thomas Harth-Brinkmann, Senior Customer Operations Manager 👋

‘If you join the toy industry, you’ll most likely stay forever and never leave it. At the LEGO Group, there is so much excitement driven by products, driven by the brand, the entertainment, and the novelty. It is so lovely to see happy children!’


Cora Graf, Brand Manager 👋

The Munich office offers a lot of opportunities, so you don’t need to necessarily stay within your role, but you also get the offering to explore different roles and work on your career exploring different fields. We all get together for our Play Day, where the whole company shuts down for one day and everyone enjoys playing with each other. It’s really hard to believe it if you don’t work here – you really have to experience it. We have to excite our consumers, so it’s fun to see things from their side every once in a while’


Christof Guggenberger, Key Account Manager 👋
‘Here people are not just a number – colleagues care about you, leaders care about you. Everyone has a development plan to see which projects you can be part of. Learning and playing is not just a necessity here, it’s encouraged. I cannot think of any other company where you’ll see 50-year-old buyers turn into children. If they see our new portfolio, our new functions, they’re trying them out and you can really see the glint in their eyes! The dedication and the energy that people bring to the brand, it gives you so much energy back.’ _


Neslihan Manikofski, Head of Promotions - Global Retail Marketing 👋

‘One of the most beautiful things about working for the LEGO Group, alongside the brand, is actually the people. The people are just truly really nice! They’re helpful, they’re friendly - there is equity, everyone is the same, there is a flat hierarchy. This makes working for the LEGO Group such a fun place because you love the brand…and then you have these nice people, which makes it so joyful!’


Our colleagues loved taking those who joined the event on a journey through their personal careers and what it’s really like to be a part of the LEGO Group team in Munich. We saw an amazing turnout with a lot of inspiring minds sharing their thoughts too:

“Thank you so much for holding this panel discussion. It’s great to see that the LEGO Group not only cares for its customers, but it’s employees too!”

“It was great to hear more about the people behind the bricks, meet the team, and hear about their journey at the LEGO Group so far. Looks like a very diverse team of industry experts!”

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