Just Imagine with Juliana Ramirez Lopez 💭

Juliana has swapped her aerospace background to work with us as a Senior Additive Manufacturing Engineer. Just imagine the complexities involved in our production processes to demand that level of expertise. Then imagine what use we can find for your science or engineering background. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration in her story.


“Some people may see us simply as a toy company. This is true to an extent. But let’s not forget we’re dealing with arguably the most demanding customers on the planet. Children are our role models and inspiration and we try to bring our own inner child to what we do. Not letting that spark die, I believe, is one of the best things about working here. Particularly if it engages young minds as a result. As a business we’re about doing this, giving them the tools to learn and explore.


“This means we have to invest in innovation, that we strive to be the technical leader in the market and we take our responsibilities to the planet seriously. We have fun, yes, and we love what we do. It’s amazing to work with people who become your friends and breathe the happiness of our products. That’s energizing. But we all do what we do to the highest possible standards. That’s the core of our brand. It’s challenging. I’m an aerospace engineer working for a ‘toy manufacturer’ yet it still feels like rocket science. This says it all about how we do things here.

“My role is at the very forefront of innovation. It’s focused on developing new technologies that will define what the factory of the future will look like. This means bringing an open mind and applying some thought and imagination. We have to consider things in different lights, from different angles. Creativity is one of the bases of engineering. It’s contagious here. We challenge each other. We cultivate an attitude of going further each time. Our mantra is ‘only the best is good enough’. This applies equally to products, processes, everything really. It has to.


“I get to do all kinds of surprising stuff too. One of my proudest achievements is being part of the team that produced one of the first 3D-printed LEGO® Bricks. It’s not just about ‘firsts’ but there is always another way to be better. Whether it’s what you work on or how you yourself grow personally and professionally. We’re human beings with flaws. We should thrive on finding ways to improve.  The business sees this too. It recognises we are people with lives and families. Our managers respect this. Our culture is built around it.

“Working here means having access to some great benefits too. The Best of Both policy allows for hybrid working so I can be at home doing my job twice a week. I miss my family each time I go to work so being able to spend some time with them makes a huge difference.

“If we’re brave enough to speak up, we also know we’ll be listened to. If we dare to go for new challenges, we won’t be judged if we fail, it’s just another opportunity to learn. Be curious for each new day and focus on what really matters, that’s the important thing. How else can you innovate?”

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