Just Imagine with Abier Chuhaiber 💭

In her role, Abier sees a genuine purpose in what we do. Just imagine knowing what you do has a big impact on children's development as they grow up. As a parent, this takes on a much greater significance and adds to the sense of being part of a wider family.


“Being a parent, I know how important play is for children and their development. It takes them on a learning journey. So, for me, working here is very purpose-driven. It brings a whole new level of meaning to what I do. We want to make change possible for children all over the world. A positive change that impacts them in a useful way and helps them thrive in life. Not only as children, but also when they grow older.

“I’ve been here now for four and a half years. Initially, I was the Marketing Manager Lead for LEGO® Monkie Kid and Chinese Traditional Festival but I’ve just stepped up to take on a new role as Senior Marketing Manager for LEGO® Star Wars™. From the moment I joined, it struck me just how open, inclusive, and diverse a culture there is. It welcomes everyone no matter their ethnicity. It doesn’t really matter where you are from, or what you have done previously. As soon as you are invited into the LEGO team, you feel at home immediately. Maybe it’s because we’re a family–owned business, I don’t know. It could be because we care about what we do, so we care about one another.


“This sense of caring extends to our personal development. This, I think, has been my proudest achievement.
It’s been such a steep learning curve for me. But I’ve been enabled by strong leaders along the way. From day one, I’ve been encouraged to be curious and to take on new challenges and more responsibility. The fact that I’m currently in a position where I can help drive and influence our LEGO Acceleration Strategy in China, is a great achievement for me. Being part of this, working alongside my colleagues, has given me so many learning opportunities.

“The business is also driven by a philosophy that only the best is good enough. In my day-to-day role, I feel that I’m able to live that by making LEGO play more available to more children out there in the world, particularly in China and the wider Asian community across the globe.


“Working in a market like China can be challenging but this is also a learning opportunity. It’s made me realise that children are so different. It’s true they all play, but they play differently. And what matters to one child, might not matter to another. Here, we’ve translated the LEGO core experience into play that is culturally relevant, exciting, fun and cool. This way, they are willing to play out the stories, because it matters to them.

“Being a western brand, creating sets based on 500-plus-year-old legends, I think, shows bravery. Success depends on whether children and parents in China will be able to recognise these cultural stories in our sets. But it also shows curiosity, that we want to know more and are willing to learn about cultures other than our own. It’s inspiring to be part of our drive to continue our journey in China. Keeping the focus on an audience-first lens is fulfilling for me. It means stakeholder management and relationship building becomes even more important. But being part of the wider LEGO team helps enormously.”

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