Inspired by the Power of Play: meet Senior Product Marketing Manager, Zoe✨

We didn’t know it at the time but we first met Zoe when she was an educator 13 years ago. Luckily for us, the impact this had stayed with her. We connected. Today, she’s one of LEGO Education’s Senior Product Marketing Managers. We start by asking her to tell us about this - and what took her so long.

“So… my relationship with LEGO Education began long before I joined the business. My students were participating in an afterschool program and I saw immediately the impact that engaging in play had on them. It inspired such a passionate response. I was amazed to see all of them get involved - without reservation. Even the shyest kids flourished.

The seed was sewn. Whatever form it’s taken, Zoe’s career has always been children-focused. A move to Denmark with her then-boyfriend (now husband) meant she was able to build on this momentum with us.


“I’m a commercially-minded product marketer with a master’s degree in child development. For me, this is an ideal mix for a unique organization like LEGO Education. It’s been an amazing experience. On one level, the mission, culture and my colleagues have all exceeded my expectations. This obviously matters. But, from a personal perspective, I get to be the voice of the administrators and teachers—the people on the ground who need specific solutions to defined problems.

“Product Marketing is a unique function that looks and sounds like marketing, but really we are strategy enablers. We might not deliver exciting campaigns or work closely with famous influencers, but we are cross-functional magicians who get to know every corner of the business and are expert dot connectors.

“I also get to study the full education landscape. This means I can see more opportunities where LEGO Education can help. The fact I’m doing so supports a sustainable business with an invaluable purpose. What more could I ask?”

Good question. This seems like a good opportunity to ask Zoe what makes working here so fulfilling:


“Well, for one, it’s variety. Essentially, I’ve had four roles in as many years. My function has remained the same but you get to be part of so many different projects - as well as being involved across the entire lifecycle, from innovation to retirement. You get to wear so many hats.

“Being in marketing, there are so many ways I get to be creative. In early innovation stages I could be working on developing ways to gather insights into customer needs, or supporting concept innovation that could capture a new space in the market. As we get ready to go-to-market, my creativity contributes in all kinds of ways: from our product's value proposition and articulating our messaging to finding imaginative ways to showcase features and value via photoshoots or videos”

And as far as challenge is concerned, what can you tell us about that:

“We’re building the plane as we fly. It’s challenging but exhilarating. But this is the beauty of play. This is the freedom you experience when you are not entirely bound up in rules. If we fail, let’s accentuate the positive. It might be a disappointment in the moment but, ultimately, this is how we all learn. The greater the failure, the greater the lessons to draw on. Besides, any momentary setback is just that - and that feeling is as nothing compared to the satisfaction of seeing the impact of what we do. When I talk to students and teachers, this is apparent.

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“When our learning solutions finally make their way into classrooms, I know that my input helped them get there. I truly believe that Learning through Play is a vehicle that any student can access to help them succeed in school. I feel honored to help bring playful learning experiences to as many students as possible. If that means we’re helping to advance progressive education, what’s not to like.”

So, is it fair to say that the wait and moving to a whole new country was worthwhile?

“In so many ways. LEGO Education is transforming education. We have these powerful tools that any learner can use. We just need to get play into their hands. We know that playful learning experiences with LEGO elements and technology unlock so much potential in children. Being a part of the team that brings that magic into classrooms means that we can make a huge impact - at scale. It's incredibly rewarding knowing that I am contributing to a mission that has the potential to make such a meaningful impact.”

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