Can you fix a problem on a lunar base… from Slough?

Whether they’re working on a rocket ship, pirate ship or parrot, LEGO® fans need expert help from our Customer Service Advisors on all sorts of building challenges. Located just a short distance from LEGOLAND® Windsor, our office in Slough is home to an amazing team of multi-lingual advisors who provide answers, ideas and advice – as well as outstanding customer service.

Meet Amina, Lydia, Nelson, Edward and Kevin. They’re here to give us the lowdown on working at our office in Slough.


For Amina, the best thing about working here is the opportunity to make customers really happy:

“Recently I was contacted by a customer who had adoptive grandchildren in India. He was going to visit them soon and wanted a replacement part for a train. I reassured him it would be with him on time for his trip. And, as a gesture of goodwill, I also sent him a small set to take with him for the grandchildren. He was over the moon, and was sure his grandchildren would be as well.

“I was touched by his story. And it makes me so happy to know how much joy the gift will bring his grandchildren. Every time I think about it, it puts a smile on my face.”


Customer Advisor Lydia had a lot of great things to say about the team culture and the training.

“What’s not to love about being part of a team that regularly exceeds the expectations of our customers? I love the feeling I give and receive when I've been able to take a normal interaction from good to absolutely awesome.

“I'm empowered to help customers and can offer things to make a customer’s journey a little bit more special. And, as a LEGO employee, your training and development is really invested in – so you can become the very best version of yourself.”


We often think of the Consumer and Shopper Engagement (CSE) team as the ‘Love Department’, because they share the LEGO love with fans all around the world. Customer Service Advisor, Nelson, doesn’t just feel the love, he lives and breathes it.

“I’m a huge LEGO fan and totally in love with life. This allows me to always search for the best way to keep our fans happy. To have a fan help another fan with their LEGO set issues makes the whole experience unique.

“I got a Direct Message recently from a fan that was super sad. They were a second-generation fan, but their seven-year-old child wasn't into LEGO sets and bricks. They asked for our help to turn him into a master builder. After a bit more information, I realised the child was a huge Minions fan. So, I sent them a LEGO® Minions set and suggested that they also check out our family hub page. They were super happy and would try their best to make sure their child would continue the family LEGO building tradition.”


Edward has a passion for pop culture and puts all his knowledge to work for the benefit of customers.

“A dad called in. His son had lost his favourite Star Wars™ figure in school. So that meant dealing with a parent with the pressure of an upset child but without too many clues as to which figure was the cause. Luckily, I'm a bit of a LEGO® Star Wars™ fanatic, so I knew exactly who he meant, tracked it down and sent it free of charge.

“Lots of our sets have pop culture elements that I’m into. That parents tend not to be, so I find I can help parents when things go a bit over their head. Helping them choose means the world to me because I know how much joy it will bring to both their lives. Nothing makes a parent happier than a happy, satisfied child. Being part of that feels great.”


There are many skills that can make a great Customer Service Advisor. For some it’s curiosity. Kevin’s is special. He uses it to understand what every customer really needs. Together, they make one vital skill: empathy.

“Putting myself in my customer’s shoes is how I do my job well. If I know how they’re feeling, I know how I should be and what I need to do. Being able to make them laugh is really useful too. They leave feeling more positive and like a burden has been lifted. The key is to be listening and reading between the lines.

“Growing up, I never had a job in mind. But I knew I wanted to help people. Working here, we make a difference each day by making someone's day better. I also love the challenges and problem solving of the job. No two days are the same, so you never get bored and you always get to test yourself.”

If you’d like to combine your passion with a love of problem-solving, take a look at our current opportunities. We’d love to have you as part of the team!

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