Just Imagine developing marketing services for LEGO.com

David Kananda joined the LEGO Group as a Senior Full Stack Engineer in the Marketing and Channels technology group just over eight months ago. He says it’s flown by. What’s more, he’s found plenty of reasons to love every minute of it.

David and the team

“Time goes by pretty fast when you’re doing a job that engages you and learning all the time. My role here primarily focuses on developing marketing services for LEGO.com, things that help provide tailored experiences for our customers. The emphasis the business places on this is clear. It’s not just about the bricks, there’s so much more to get involved in. It’s not often your work has an impact on such a widespread and varied customer base.

E-commerce & Fullstack Engineer

“I was working for a FinTech company, so working here is obviously a completely different space. It was the LEGO® brand that attracted me really. I’ve grown up with it. I’ve played with LEGO bricks for as long as I can remember. Who wouldn’t love the opportunity to work here. Plus, I’d never been this close to e-commerce and I really wanted that kind of experience under my belt.

“Full stack engineering kind of sits between business requirements and customer needs. You could say it’s our job to translate these into products and features that draw on the possibilities of technology. As well as getting to create microservices on AWS, using services such as AWS Lambda and API Gateway, I’ve also used front end frameworks, such as ReactJS and NextJS. This has enabled me to bring great user experiences to life.

“The main project I've been working on so far has been centred around a migration. Basically moving users to a new system. This means there are lots of moving parts and different teams are involved. So as well as what I’m learning from building out the system, it’s been a chance to get to know people too and immerse myself in the culture.

Being your authentic self

“As far as that goes, one thing I’ve noticed is how much importance is placed on being your authentic self. Not just that. But developing to become a more well-rounded person. I can be quite introverted at times. So focusing on communication has been a big thing for me. Whatever area you need to develop in, there’s genuine support and encouragement to success. We don’t fail, we learn. That’s a healthy way to look at things I think.

“If you asked me to some up my experience so far, I’d say fun, challenging and inspiring. What else would you expect from a brand that understands the real meaning of play and puts it the heart of what they do. Working here pushed me to become better at what I do and makes the best of who I am. That seems like a good a reason to see how far I can go - and I know they’ll be with me all the way.


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