Man posing with a LEGO Model of a Chinese castle

Yenchih Huang

Based in Taipei

Yenchih Huang is a professional LEGO® brick builder and at the same time devotes effort to his own Chinese Medicine clinic as an experienced doctor.

In 2006, he started his journey with LEGO bricks when he bought the first LEGO set for his kids. As a father and a doctor, he believes the little builders can be truly inspired by LEGO bricks, and it is his ambition to extend the experience and fun he has with his kids to all the children around the world as a LEGO Certified Professional.

Yenchih is well known for his life-sized brick sculptures and architectures, and he has worked with the LEGO Group since 2009 on numerous exhibitions in Greater China.
He also started up a studio specialised in hands-on brick activity planning.

Yenchih is now active in various projects around the world including sculptures, mosaic portraits, customised hands on brick activities, and brick exhibitions.