A Beat Maker. A Global Icon. A… Llama…

What does it take to take over the world? No human can ever really know. But maybe, just maybe, L.L.A.M.A can…

Backstage with… L.L.A.M.A 

Hey L.L.A.M.A! How’re you doing?

“I’m doing good! I’ve actually had a super productive day today. I made smoothies for breakfast, went for a run AND picked out a brand-new outfit for my next DJ set. It’s very glittery… I’m going to look like a llama-shaped disco-ball”

So, we’re guessing you didn’t get time for music today?

Ha! You know me, I’m a beat maker. And because I’m a beat maker, I’m always making beats—it doesn’t matter if I don’t get time to sit in front of a keyboard. Like, when I was out running earlier, I started humming this track I’ve been working on with… ah I probably shouldn’t say just yet… anyway I was humming in time to my steps, which was slower than we tried before, but it turned out to be the perfect BPM. Straightaway, I FaceTimed… again I probably shouldn’t say… but they were pumped! I haven’t seen them that excited since Lady G’s (that’s what her friends call her) Christmas party! So you see, being a beat maker isn’t about getting into a room with instruments. Being a beat maker is about being in a constant, beat making state of MIND… You know?

You’ve seemingly come out of nowhere to burst onto the music scene. Has your sudden success surprised you?

“Not really. People have only seen the most recent part of my journey, but of course I’ve seen the whole path. But it’s funny to see the rumors flying around about my past. The internet can be really… creative… Though there are some guesses which have been pretty close to the truth. I’m just focusing on the most important thing – making good tunes and having a good time doing it. Can you put in emojis in this interview? If so, do the bicep one. And leave out this bit where I’m asking about emojis… that would be weird…”

You seem to have the world at your hooves… What’s your philosophy?

“Avoid all philosophies. The world is too crazy to make mantras that apply universally. Like, it’s easy for me to tweet life philosophies when I’m dancing ‘til dawn with A-Listers… I just try to enjoy every day and make friends with people who also don’t take life too seriously. Wait, did I just come up with a philosophy? I sure hope not…”

  • 生活中的一天......



有沒有想過我們是如何拍出「搖動」音樂影片的呢?嗯,不用再琢磨了,看看這些酷炫幕後花絮就知道了。有無與倫比的 Ne-Yo 和 Carmen DeLeon!

跟隨 L.L.A.M.A

我們知道這是一個很大的要求......但我們認為 L.L.A.M.A 是目前社交媒體上最有趣的 llama DJ。流覽他們最具代表性的社交媒體貼文!


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