Igniting Innovation and Embracing Values at the LEGO® House

The LEGO ecosystem is the sum of many and varied parts. One of them is LEGO® House which opened its doors six years ago. As you may recall from our visit in June, it’s somewhere we can get close to our fans. But it’s also somewhere many continue their LEGO career journey.

Dorte Willi

Kim, Dorte and Willy are just three of our colleagues who have chosen to do so. Here, they share their experience with this up close and personal guided tour.

Kim Thorborg Jakobsen has spent 16 years working within the LEGO ecosystem. He’s been at LEGO House for four of them and is now our Head of Operations. He begins his story where his LEGO journey began:


“I had six or seven different roles at The LEGO Group over 12 years, among others: Head of Sales, as well as Head of Operations in Nordic/Benelux. The opportunity to move through so many different roles has enabled me to learn a great deal and, in doing so, I’ve developed my competencies significantly. It’s also been my good fortune to collaborate with so many talented, hardworking colleagues and with such great leaders. It’s always amazed me how much we share values across the LEGO ecosystem.

“By 2019, I’d come to a place in my career where I needed a fresh challenge; something to push me out of my comfort zone. That opportunity came when I joined LEGO House. It was a completely new business area; a completely new way of thinking; a new set of KPIs and priorities. Becoming part of bringing the LEGO House dream to life was the ideal answer to what I was looking for.

“I enjoy working with people. Creating results through people and teams is my driving force. Working with people is not an exact science, and as a leader, you need to adapt your style based on the task at hand or the people solving it. In LEGO House, we’ve created one of the best-rated experiences in the world. That’s something we can all be proud of. As a team we make this happen."

One of those people is Dorte Dalsgaard. These days she’s a Relations Manager in the Tours & Events team. But during her eight years with the LEGO Group, she’s also developed her talents starting her career as an Executive Assistant to the VP of Corporate Quality & EHS. Dorte’s role is a crucial one as she helps to build relationships both with visitors and the rest of the LEGO ecosystem


“It’s my job to serve the needs of LEGO House guests. This means spearheading a varied hospitality offering to our colleagues, customers, and partners. This includes everything from tours, events and meetings to workshops, team activities and Play Tests.

“One of the things I love most about working at LEGO House is that it's such a fun and creative environment. Everyone is always open to new ideas, and we're constantly innovating and finding new ways to make the LEGO experience even better for our guests.

Amongst the many who share Dorte’s enthusiasm is Willy Christensen. Eight years into his career in the LEGO House, he’s one of our Senior Sales & Marketing Managers:


“I started as a seasonal worker at LEGOLAND Billund. This turned into a role in the Sales & Marketing Department, and I moved with my wife - who also worked for the LEGO Group – to Billund. When I learned that a unique LEGO attraction was opening in Billund, I simply had to work there. I was persistent and sent many emails. In the beginning, they didn’t think they needed me. But luckily, I managed to convince them and here I am 8 years later.

“I kind of feel like my career in LEGOLAND was building up to my role here. Had I stayed there, I wouldn’t have experienced the entrepreneurial spirit of working for LEGO House. I’ve developed a different perspective and understanding through my work here.

“A creative environment like LEGO House inspires you to be creative in your day-to-day work. We can do this simply by taking a walk around and seeing how our guests interact with and build different models. Testing, trying, iterating and finally succeeding by being creative.

This is a sentiment Dorte shares:

“I'm proud to be a part of the LEGO family, and I love working with people who share my passion for the LEGO brand and values. It's an amazing feeling to be part of a company that is dedicated to bringing joy to children and adults alike through the power of play.”

Well, our tour is very nearly complete. But before we leave, we just have time for some final words from Kim:

“LEGO House is really Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen’s House. He’s been the driving force behind it, and it’s his vision lives here. This keeps me humble. I love to hear his feedback and his appreciation for how we’ve achieved it. Becoming closer to the Kirk family is a unique opportunity for me to listen and learn. This is where our values come from. They mean something that makes us somehow unique.

“While the LEGO entities are very different, we are all bound together by what we share, our knowledge, what we do and how we do it. When colleagues move between the various parts it enriches the whole. Doing so offers a huge opportunity. That much I do know.”

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