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Each part of the LEGO® ecosystem plays a vital role in helping curious minds explore their potential. LEGO® Education brings innovative LEGO experiences to schools across the world, proving how Learning Through Play as a pedagogical methodology, unleashes engagement in the classroom for both learners and educators.


Just imagine inspiring children to dream, imagine and aspire to something better for tomorrow. This is Sanne K. Späth’s reason for working at LEGO Education. She’s our Global Head of Brand. Alongside Awais Ahsan, Head of US Marketing, and Ruthie Ousley, Director for Product Innovation, she talked to us about the amazing possibilities that talent can achieve here.


Sanne started her career at the LEGO Group 13 years ago and transitioned to LEGO® Education about 7 months ago, where she could follow her purpose and develop her skillset even further.

“My transition to a new entity has made me realize even more the potential we have as a collective if we truly believe in every entity’s importance towards our shared goal of reaching as many children as possible around the world with meaningful play and learning."


One thing that helped Sanne to develop her career over time is, that she has had great people leaders over the years who recognized her capabilities and passion.

“I have been given the space to use my creative mindset and evolve my own role through projects and responsibilities that forced me to stand on my toes and grow through my job.

I’m proud to work for LEGO Education which is committed to making a difference in the world by reaching a great number of underprivileged children around the world with a meaningful LEGO experience that they otherwise wouldn’t have had. That makes working for me so endlessly satisfying on a personal and on a broader human level."

“Together with educators in over 140 countries, we’re creating a generation of lifelong learners who are prepared to solve the challenges of tomorrow. A teacher in the United States told us that our products have helped her students with autism spectrum disorder improve their social communication skills. In China, they’ve helped children to develop their problem-solving skills and ability to collaborate. While some Brazilian children have gained more insight by learning about different cultures and perspectives."

Awais Ahsan agrees. He thinks back to when he was a child and how play and LEGO® bricks helped shape him as a person:


“I've always been a creative person. As a child, I loved to build elaborate castles, spaceships, anything I could imagine with LEGO bricks. As I got older, they became more than toys. I saw them as a tool for learning and creativity.

“Having started my career in education and having taught STEAM subjects in the classroom for a decade, I was so excited to join LEGO Education. Our products use LEGO bricks to teach kids a variety of subjects, including math, science, computer science and engineering.


“One of the things I love most about LEGO Education is that it's more than just a company. It's a community. We're all committed to helping kids learn and succeed. We believe that every child has the potential to be creative and innovative. And we believe that LEGO bricks are the perfect tool to help them reach their full potential.

“If you're looking for a job where you can make a difference in the lives of children, LEGO Education is the place to do just that. Plus, you get to collaborate with a team that’s equally as passionate about education and making a difference in the world.”

One of those people could be Ruthie Ousley, who also has a background as a middle school science teacher and STEM teacher educator. After four years in LEGO Education, she’s still finding ways to grow and explore her potential:


“This is my fourth role at the company. I started out leading our professional development program with our US customers before moving into product development. Right now, I work closely with the leaders of our global product portfolios. We’re exploring opportunities for their longer-term product roadmap, maybe three to five years out. I also take on cross-portfolio strategic initiatives, like which external partnerships might grow our impact on learners and educators.


“I’m particularly proud of my contribution to establishing the next phase of our product strategy for our in-school and early learning product portfolios. This is now coming to life through the work of our product development teams.

“One of the things I love most about my job is that I get to work on products that make a difference in the lives of children. The vision we have for learning through play at school is probably not what most of each of our school experiences were like most of the time. I feel inspired by the opportunity to make more of the time that children spend at school memorable learning experiences."

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