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The Mandalorian™: Methodical, masked and mysterious

The eponymous protagonist of the Star Wars™: The Mandalorian TV series is a renowned bounty hunter who is hired by a mysterious client to hunt down an “asset” – which turns out to be The Child.

We come to learn that the Mandalorian is an orphan who, as a child, was adopted by a warrior tribe from the planet Mandalore, and grows up being taught in their unique ways…

The Mandalorian is rarely seen without his helmet, as this would violate the strict code that his Mandalore warrior tribe abides by.

Mandalorians (and, of course, bounty hunters in general) are renowned for their ruthlessness and efficiency in carrying out their orders. Which is what makes our hero’s sudden display of fatherly affection towards the Child so surprising.

The Mandalorian’s mission goes from hunting and capturing the Child, to protecting him against the numerous threats upon him.

Trouble on Tatooine™ (75299)

Jump aboard the speeder bike of The Mandalorian and protect the Child from the Tusken Raider’s missile-shooting ballista, in the iconic Star Wars™ setting of Tatooine!