What is LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ Merlok 2.0?

A free app game to play that offers no in-app purchases

What is LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ Merlok 2.0?

Merlok 2.0 is a free app that delivers an immersive LEGO® playing experience for your child. Through a strong and engaging narrative combined with modern technology and the amazing imagination of children, Merlok 2.0 forges the traditional LEGO build experience and the digital experience of our app-based game themes into one powerful, and playful, reality.

What is the story?

The story behind the game is set in Knighton, a peaceful and beautiful kingdom, where amazing technology reigns supreme and life has been good all around for 100 years. That is, until the evil jester Jestro lets loose the terrible lava monsters from the Book of Monsters. Only the five knights from the Knights Academy stand against the invading hordes of monsters. Luckily they have an ace up their sleeve. Or rather, they have the digital wizard Merlok 2.0. Merlok 2.0 controls the amazing NEXO Powers. He uses this incredible form of digital magic to give the knights instant upgrades in battle. They simply raise their shields to the sky and download new skills and powers so they can defeat the monsters.

What is the game?

The point of the game is to save Knighton from Jestro and his armies of monsters. Your child quests around Knighton as one of the NEXO KNIGHTS™ heroes. Roam the realm in an incredible rolling castle, fight marauding monsters and defeat them by upgrading with NEXO Powers in the middle of battle.

Join the power hunt

What is the power scan?

What is the power scan?

The power scan is an exciting and fun way to gain new abilities and help progress in the game. The more powers they scan, the more powerful their knights become and the more monsters they can defeat. Through the power scanner in the Merlok 2.0 app they can build their own unique collection and achieve more success in the game.

Where can we power hunt?

The power hunt is an important aspect of the LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ experience. NEXO Power can be found and scanned from a very wide array of places both physical and digital in the world of your child. There are powers in webisodes, mini movies and many other places at LEGO.com/NEXOKNIGHTS. They can be found in LEGO Stores and on LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS products. There is a power in each new episode of the LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS TV series and the LEGO Club Magazine. In short, NEXO Power is all around you. All you have to do is spot it and scan it!

How do we scan?

Every time you see a shield.

How do we scan?

NEXO Powers are shaped like a shield and each power has a different icon. Every time you see a shield, you can use the Merlok 2.0 app to scan it and add it to your unique power collection. Just go to power scan, hold the device so the shield is clearly visible in the assigned space and the power scanner will take care of the rest.

What are the best scanning conditions?

Hold your device so the NEXO Power shield is fully and clearly visible within the assigned shield space of the scanner. If you hold it too close, too far or at an angle, the power will not scan correctly. Keep in mind that since the scanner is using your camera, adequate light is important. Reflections on the surface from strong light sources can however complicate the scan.

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