Why we use cookies

We use cookies in order to remember your choices, to give you a better user experience by improving our web sites and for providing content more accurately suited to your needs.

This means we use cookies in order to remember:
  • Your browser settings, such as the type of browser you use and what plug-ins you have installed. This keeps us from bothering you every time you enter the site in order to make sure that you have the necessary equipment to play a game or download information from our sites. It also allows us to know how many people are using certain types of software, so that we can adjust our site to provide the best browsing experience for every visitor.
  • Your language and region choice. This means that if you have once chosen English as a language this is the default language that will be using when you revisits us
  • What games you play, your high scores and your progress in the games – depending on the features of each game. This state is saved in Flash Local Shared Objects a.k.a. Flash cookies.
  • Your LEGO ID sign-in state.
  • Track your behaviour on shop.LEGO.com for marketing purposes (we may share this information with selected third parties)
  • Your shopping cart and shopping options.
  • What products you view and buy in the shop so we can provide you with suggestions
  • What products and gallery entries you have rated and the rating you have given
  • The last time we asked you to participate in a survey and whether you answered it so we do not prompt you too often
  • Your movement on and usage of our sites. We do not collect personal data as part of this. We collect statistical data so we can optimize our site.
  • Recently used data - to improve performance. In case we store personal data in a cookie, the information will be encrypted and thus safe.
  • Your choise of landingpage. This means that if you have once chosen parent-frontpage this is the default page that will be displayed when you visit www.LEGO.com.

Some cookies last until you close your browser, others are stored for longer. Our maximum cookie age is 800 days – as we want to make sure that you can find your information if you only visit us approximately once a year.

We respect your privacy. Read the full Privacy Policy here.