Top 7 LEGO® Superhero Toys at Christmas
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The Top 7 LEGO® Superhero Toys at Christmas

Are you ready to save playtime from the forces of darkness? Unbox your inner heroes with these amazing LEGO® superhero toy sets, from spaceships to secret hideouts.

Whether it’s for a young hero or an adult superfan, these cool toys from all across the Marvel Universe are great for play and display – suit up!

LEGO® Marvel – The Guardians’ Ship

Save the whole galaxy with one of the most iconic spaceships from the Marvel series. 

The Guardians of the Galaxy ship the Benatar features an opening cockpit with room for the minifigures that come with the set, including Star-Lord, Groot, Rocket, Mantis, Thor and a fearsome Chitauri warrior for them to face down.

Load up in the weapon store, consult the computer, and kick back in a spot for the heroes to have a coffee and a doughnut.

Then set the ship up on its rotatable stand for dynamic display or setup at playtime.

LEGO Marvel – Infinity Gauntlet

This infinitely powerful weapon, suitable for ages 18+, features all of the collected Infinity Stones – and while it might not grant cosmic power to its wielder like the real thing, it does grant intergalactic levels of awesomeness to any display area.

With movable fingers and a descriptive tablet, it can be posed and repositioned to suit its owner’s style.

And while its 590 pieces makes it an in-depth build, the instructions will make building it a snap.

LEGO Marvel – Avengers: Endgame Final Battle

Gather the forces of good to take down Thanos – once and for all. 

Thor, Captain America, Black Panther, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch and Ant-Man are all included in this set, ready to face the mad Titan and his Chitauri warrior.

Assemble them in Iron Man’s lab, where he’s constructing the awesome Nano Gauntlet, with a leisure and meeting area, a prison cell, and Ant-Man’s truck loaded up with the time travel machine.

LEGO Marvel – Iron Man: Iron Monger Mayhem

Take playtime back to where it all started with this villain from the first Marvel Studios’ Iron Man movie! 

Tony Stark’s first outing as Iron Man is a bumpy ride as he fights off former friend Obadiah Stane in the intimidating Iron Monger mech.

The mech’s arc reactor glows in the dark, and kids can position the giant suit to fire the 6-stud shooter on the right arm or the 3-stud shooter on the left.

But Iron Man is ready to fight back with his power blasters!

Giving that’s easy, fun and free.

You build a star, we donate to charity!

LEGO DUPLO® Marvel – Spider Man Headquarters

This LEGO superhero toy is perfect for kids aged two and up.

Featuring three wall-crawling figures of Spider-Man, Miles Morales and Ghost Spider (Gwen Stacey) and based on the Disney+ TV show Spidey and His Amazing Friends, this set brings the fun of the series home and combines it with the opportunity for young ones to build their fine motor skills.

With great power comes a great deal of fun – ride Spidey’s motorbike around the themed building and pick up a copy of the Daily Bugle before snapping some pictures of Spider-Man!

LEGO Marvel – Black Panther Dragon Flyer

This futuristic flyer includes four adjustable wings that move in every direction, as well as two stud shooters for taking down bad guys. 

The futuristic Wakandan flyer includes 4 adjustable wings – which move forward, backward, up and down – 2 stud shooters and an opening cockpit in which a minifigure can be seated at the controls.

Pop open the cockpit to seat a minifigure in control – Black Panther or his sister Shuri – and face down the evil Chitauri warrior with his power blaster. Wakanda forever!

LEGO Marvel – Daily Bugle

This mega-set is for superhero builders of eighteen and over, with 3,772 pieces and measuring over 82 cm high!

A colossal backdrop for an all-star cast, the set comes with 25 different minifigures from throughout the Marvel multiverse, including five different Spider-Man characters as well as villains like Doctor Octopus scaling the building, Venom staging an attack on the ground floor and Green Goblin and Sandman sweeping through the area.

Even Blade, Punisher and Daredevil are on the scene!

The building itself is packed with authentic details straight from the comics, like the water tower on top, a New York taxi cab outside and the penthouse office of iconic Daily Bugle Editor-in-Chief, J Jonah Jameson.