Top 6 LEGO® Music Toys for Christmas
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The Top 6 LEGO® Music Toys for Christmas

Pump up the jam and get your rock star look on – these jingles aren’t just for Christmas, and there’s no better time to grab some foot-tapping, fist-pumping inspirational musical toys for kids and adults alike!

Builders and musicians can unite to create boundless remixes of music videos, cool tracks and wild display sets as they shake up the LEGO® music world.

LEGO® VIDIYO™ – The Boombox

Music player or stage? Display The Boombox to look like a classic speaker system, and then unfold the front to give the four music minifigures somewhere to rock out.

The vampire, leopard, fairy and alien are ready to go – kids can download the free LEGO VIDIYO™ app to start making music videos with a selection of tracks to choose from thanks to our friends at Universal Music Group. Scan the model and see it become an interactive stage!

Then, turn the heads, speakers and lights to mix up the scenery and lighting in the app – or swap the heads entirely to completely change the background between a tropical hotspot, space, a forest or a castle!

LEGO VIDIYO – Punk Pirate Ship

Yarr – add some funky punk to the high seas with these three aquatic minifigures on their cool ship. With the LEGO VIDIYO app, changes to the set affect the music video, so kids can swap the skull deco for a shark head or change up the treasure chest for some gnarly cannons.

Then to really get the party started, scan the special BeatBits in the set to unlock special digital effects for this and other VIDIYO sets, like the one that makes characters surf on top of a shark or gets the pirates dancing!

LEGO Ideas – Fender® Stratocaster™

Looking for a special Christmas gift for the rock n’ roll fan in your life? The new LEGO Ideas Fender® Stratocaster™ is an elegant display piece that pays tribute to the real – and very legendary – musical instrument, the Fender Stratocaster®. This is a challenging build with intricate details like the posable whammy bar, pickup switch, 4 guitar picks, rubber cables and tuning pegs. This set will speak volumes about your passion for music.

It comes with a foldable electric guitar stand, and a LEGO version of a 65 Princeton® Reverb amplifier for extra authenticity.

Build the guitar in either red or black, that’s up to you!

Giving that’s easy, fun and free.

You build a star, we donate to charity!

LEGO VIDIYO – Candy Castle Stage

Remixing music is sweet – and so is this musical toy set!

Scan the ballerina and the bear to get them moving on the VIDIYO app stage, then use the special-effect BeatBits to add carousel horses to the show.

Kids can even switch the heads to create a digital ice cream forest or change it up for a chocolate canyon background.

Use the other included BeatBits to throw in all sorts of whacky extras!

LEGO Ideas – Grand Piano

Not all musical toys need to be for kids! This Christmas, a really grand gift for a music lover would be this 3,662-piece replica of a grand piano, complete with authentic adjustable seat, moving pedal and even hammer action.

Once the intricate build is complete, download the free LEGO Powered Up app to connect to the piano and make real music while the piano parts move.

You can play music yourself or play music directly from the app to set the ambiance in a classy display space.

One of the most advanced LEGO musical instrument toys, this lovingly complex build features a removable 25-key keyboard, a top lid that can be propped up just like a real grand piano’s, an opening fallboard and piano leg wheels.

LEGO DOTS – Music Bracelet

Kids can show off a love of music to all their friends with this adjustable, flexible band!

The stylish black material fits around bigger and smaller wrists and can withstand all sorts of wear and tear that a young one is likely to put it through.

They can style it with the included 32 colorful tiles, including pieces styled like music notes with a metallic effect, as well as translucent and glitter tiles.

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