Top 10 LEGO Vehicle Toys at Christmas
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The Top 8 LEGO® Vehicles For Kids at Christmas

Kids love vehicles, and they’ll love these rebuildable LEGO® vehicle sets for when they really want to shift playtime into higher gears. Whether they’re a fan of classic car models, want to get their hands on a cool submarine or love the idea of a huge monster truck, there’s something for everyone this Christmas!

Porsche 911

Build the classic Porsche 911 as a LEGO vehicle and add this icon to your collection!

With authentic details like the front and rear bumpers, angled headlights, the logo and the number plates, it’s a great gift for anyone who’s a fan of the real-life vehicle. 

The model is just as cool on the inside, featuring working steering, a gearstick, emergency brake and tilting seats.

Pickup Truck

Know an adult who loves vehicles too? This super Pickup Truck model is the perfect escape to the 1950s with its true-to-life rounded vintage frame.

Explore the model and discover realistic features such as a step-side bed, opening doors and tailgate and removable wooden side railings. 

You can even create seasonal displays using the different accessories, from flowers and a watering can for spring, tomatoes, carrots and a milk pail for summer, a pumpkin crate for autumn and a wreath for the Christmas season.

LEGO® TECHNIC™ – Jeep® Wrangler

This LEGO Technic™ vehicle feels just like the real thing with a button to operate the front steering and powerful axle-articulated suspension, as well as opening doors and fold-down seats.

There’s even a working winch and a spare tire, to allow for adventure roleplay with other sets! 

The eye-catching classic yellow-and-black branding makes the set stand out. Kids will feel like they’re in control of a powerful, high performance 4x4!

LEGO Friends – Magical Caravan



Add some magic to vehicle story games with this enchanting set!

There’s a caravan, a fortune-teller’s tent, two mini-dolls and even a pair of horse and owl figures. The roof of the caravan opens up on a side-hinge to allow kids to explore the living space inside, with a bed, a kitchen and a table. 

They can take care of the animals – or they can find out Mia’s future with the crystal ball in the tent. Use the twisting function to spin it and reveal whether it lands on a happy or sad face – or they can choose one to decide for themselves!

LEGO® NINJAGO® – Hydro Bounty

There’s even more fun to be had at the bottom of the sea! Grab all ten LEGO NINJAGO® vehicle set minifigures, equipped with scuba sets, including diving gear, flippers and weapons, and act out battles between the ninja team with their Wu Bot supporters and the villainous Prince Kalmaar with his Maaray Guard.

The submarine itself is crammed with cool features. Aim the two spring-loaded shooters to take out the bad guys, then surface to open up the cockpit. 

You can fold and unfold the wings to make the vehicle feel even cooler, and pack the ninjas into the two smaller submarines to take on Prince Kalmaar with the assistance of the detachable mech at the front of the Hydro Bounty itself!

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LEGO TECHNIC – Monster Jam® Grave Digger®

LEGO TECHNIC – Monster Jam® Grave Digger®

Build up some speed with this pull-back truck made to look just like the real thing! 

Authentic touches include fire and ghost graphics from the actual Grave Digger, as well as huge tires, a movable flag and red headlights. 

Kids can have great fun putting it together – and even more taking it apart! The Grave Digger rebuilds into an off-road buggy to keep driving the fun onwards.

LEGO® City – Stunt Show Arena

Bring the excitement of a high-stakes stunt show home with this arena, featuring a flywheel-powered stunt motorcycle, two monster trucks, and two cars with collapsible roofs, as well as loads of props to add life to the arena.

Kids can launch the LEGO stunt bike through a ring of fire before taking centre stage making the monster trucks backflip. Drive the winners onto the podium, and help the stunt team minifigures relax afterwards at the included hot dog stand!

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LEGO® DUPLO® – Race Cars

These colorful DUPLO® race cars are ready to hit the track and rev up their engines! 

The two push-and-go cars with their included minifigures are the perfect gift for a younger child who loves the excitement of high-octane races and wants to assemble their own course. 

These vehicle toys for toddlers come accompanied by a buildable finish line and cool props like a trophy, a wrench and even a fuel station. 

Rebuild the set into a podium for the drivers to celebrate their wins!

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