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Discover endless ways to play games! With LEGO® building sets and interactive online games, you can find the perfect gift and creative play experiences for kids and gaming fans of all ages.

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Let’s-a go...Meet LEGO® Mario™!

The awesome challenges of Mario’s world reimagined in LEGO form. Discover a whole new play experience by building levels for LEGO® Mario™, challenging family and friends to beat your coin count, and unbuilding and rebuilding endless action-packed challenges with our exhilarating Expansion Sets!

Worried About Too Much Screen Time?

Are you hearing yourself repeat your parents’ warning that your child’s eyes will get square if they stare at a screen for too long? For us, it’s common sense that kids should balance their time spent on screens with active play indoors or outdoors.

LEGO® games and apps are built to inspire real-life creativity and role-play with friends, and to create synergies between digital and physical play.

LEGO® Legacy Heroes Unboxed

Immerse yourself in a LEGO® world full of action, battles, sets and minifigures! Your favorite LEGO minifigures and sets are coming back out of the box! Assemble teams of iconic LEGO minifigures, get ready for action-packed RPG battles and rediscover LEGO bricks in a unique world.

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