How to beat writer’s block with the new LEGO® Ideas Typewriter

How to beat writer’s block with the new LEGO® Ideas Typewriter

At one time or another, most great authors have had writer’s block – each with their own unique and often odd ways of getting over it.

It could be that you have a case of the ol’ writer’s block right now (we’re on to you...).

Or maybe it is us who have writer’s block and we’re writing this article to avoid it (you’re on to us...).

But how do you shake off the shackles of creative drought, rediscover your words and get some much-needed writer’s block help? How about a LEGO® set that will take you out of your overthinky-thought-box and straight into the world of classic novels and fantastic stories? Of course, we’re talking about the new LEGO Ideas Typewriter.

Since you’re already procrastinating (you can’t fool us), give yourself five minutes off to find out how this wordsmith-worthy LEGO set for adults will help you blast that word count and find your writer’s block cure…

Be inspired by the past

With its clickety-clackety keys and monochrome coloring, this set will transport you to a world of leather-bound books and writers wistfully strolling the banks of 1920s Paris.

Be inspired by the finest literary over-achievers of the twentieth century. They all wrote on sets just like this.

Get inside their headspace; the pokey, dimly lit rooms they must have sat in, the satisfying sound the carriage made when they swiped it across. Picture their focused faces and history’s most memorable lines, as you do the same. Watch the center typebar rise as you tap each key, just like theirs would have. Feed it real paper (no, really! You can feed this set real paper!) Pretend you’re a genius, don a cravat.

The mechanics inside the LEGO® Ideas Typewriter

This set wasn’t just inspired by literary history. It is also connected to LEGO history. In fact, the design is a replica of the classic typewriter used by the LEGO Group’s founder, Ole Kirk Kristiansen. It even comes with a letter written and signed by Thomas Kirk Kristiansen, chairman of LEGO A/S and part of the fourth generation of the LEGO owner family. How cool is that!

Do this and before you know it, you’ll have stopped fretting about how to overcome writer’s block and will be writing the next big thing.

If it’s not working, put it away

Writing is a tough, cruel mistress. If you’ve reached the point where words have become meaningless and are melding on the page like a pool of letters, step away. Deadline, schmeadline. Put your work in a metaphorical drawer, or an actual drawer, if you’re so inclined to write on paper. Give it 24 hours. Taking time out to do something mindful, like building the LEGO Ideas Typewriter set, will allow your brain to make new connections. By the time you come back to it the next day, you’ll notice the missing piece and will be ready to start fresh. Works every time, well, most of the time.

Try some teamwork to make the dream work

Writing can be a lonely, brain-fuddling business. Many writers have lost their plot that way. So, before you start wondering: is writer’s block real? Am I real? Is my dog real? Have a think about a bit of social interaction. Building this LEGO set with a writing partner or buddy is a great chance to step away from your desk and talk through your ideas. Turn it into a brainstorming exercise by taking it in turns to ask each other questions about your or their work.

Follow the rules of thumb

There are many ways to beat writer’s block. Some are stranger than others, but in general, there are two rules of thumb. Firstly, step away from the page and secondly, be inspired. Whatever works for you, we’re confident and a teeny-tiny bit smug that this LEGO Ideas set will help you get rid of writer’s block once and for all!

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