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The best LEGO® cars for any motorhead

If it zooms, rolls, hauls, jumps, crushes, flips, demolishes, flies or… oh yeah… drives – we’re into it.

A wheel for any occasion

From supercars to SUVs to monster trucks. If you’ve got a favorite type of car, chances are we’ve got what you’re looking for.

Find the best LEGO® car set for you

What’s your dream car?

Rear-wheel drive or 4x4? Pretty or practical? Amphibian or reptilian? Does it bring you trophies or flowers? Whatever it is, we’ll help you build it.

Accelerate building skills

Complex machines need complex builds. Our advanced car models pay perfect tribute to the intricate details behind the world’s best cars.

Get under the hood of LEGO® F1 cars

Many of our designers have experience creating actual cars; just one reason why we spare no piston, valve or detail…

The LEGO® McLaren Formula 1™ Race Car. Enough said.

Lightning-fast LEGO® facts

We’re the world’s largest tire manufacturer!

We produce over 700 million tires every year…

The first LEGO® wheel came out in 1962

After 4 years of constant development.

The 1st Technic™ set was a Fork-Lift Truck

It was released back in 1977.

The first LEGO® car came out in… 1932

It was made by our founder... out of wood!

It only takes a few bricks to build a LEGO® car

What’s the lowest number of LEGO® pieces your child needs to build a car? We’ve done it with 9. Why not try and beat us?

Vehicles on the open road