About Us
Our mission: To inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow

Build the Change is an event where we inspire children to use their imagination in a fun, social and environmental context, and where we foster their creativity and promote social interaction. It’s a tool within a framework, but with open ended solutions in a hands-on, minds-on fun experience.

It’s a theme related event e.g. “Build your future school, neighborhood or city” and by doing this we give children a voice.

Build the Change is all about creativity, imagination, collaboration and communication. It enables children to use LEGO® bricks as a tool to communicate and express themselves and create enduring memories.

If you want to learn more, please contact Camilla Torpe, camilla.torpe@lego.com

LEGO® Build the Change began in 2007 and was originally run in collaboration with several museums in Denmark. The purpose of Build the Change is to emphasize that children’s ideas and creations are the inspiration for the future.

The events are carried out globally in collaboration with both internal Local Community Engagement and external partners in the United States, Russia, Dubai, Singapore, Australia, France, United Kingdom, Japan and China.


Build the Change activity, Planet Crew build, at the Burbo Bank Extension inauguration on May 17th 2017


Build the Change activity in Copenhagen 2014