Man posing with a LEGO model of a platform

Matija Puzar

Based in Norway

Matija’s mission is to spread the joy of the brick among the adult population. He does this by designing commissioned models, mosaics, portraits, LEGO® related team building events, or other requests made by people.

Being a programmer, Matija rediscovered his love for the brick thanks to LEGO MINDSTORMS. He soon realised the potential of integrating MINDSTORMS with LEGO trains, which derailed him towards building models based on real buildings, vehicles, people, etc. Even though his work often revolves around the LEGO Minifigure, no scale is off limits. He likes touching up his models with lights and other kinds of electronics to make them as realistic as possible.

Matija is situated in Norway and accepts commissions from all over the world but mainly from Scandinavia and Europe.