Могутній дракон Зейна EVO


Awesome NINJAGO® mech playset

Kids can now build their mech to be even bigger and stronger as they stage thrilling ninja action.

Upgrade to seize victory!

Ninja fans can upgrade the Power Up Mech and Zane minifigure to overcome the threat posed by the evil Cobra Mechanic.

Zane’s Power Up Mech EVO

Upgrade the mech

Stronger armour and a new weapon can be added to the mech.

Claim a collectible prize

Kids win a Stealth banner when they complete their mission.

Includes 2 minifigures

Zane with a sword and Cobra Mechanic with a blaster gun.

Build, upgrade and play

This 95-piece playset lets ninja-loving kids build and add to their models as they role-play amazing action stories.

Endless ninja adventures

A great gift for imaginative youngsters aged 6+ who love teaming up with their ninja heroes to take on a cast of enemies.
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