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Monkie Kid™Monkie Kid™
Небезпека задушення.
Маленькі деталі.

Vehicle toy playset for role-play battles

Youngsters can bring legendary characters to life and play out heroes vs. villains battles with this LEGO® Monkie Kid™ set.

Fun builds for hours of creative play

This 929-piece set for ages 8+ features Nezha’s Fire Ring vehicle, 2 stud-shooting flyers, a throne and 6 LEGO® minifigures.

Nezha’s Fire Ring

Nezha’s Fire Ring vehicle

Features a big mono-wheel and 2 spring-loaded shooters.

Evil Macaque’s jet flyer

2 stud shooters and storage for the Evil Macaque’s staff.

White Bone Demon’s throne

Trap Monkey King in the throne’s hanging bone cage.

Monkie Kid’s flyer

Fire the 2 stud shooters.

6 minifigures for role play

Including Nezha, Monkie Kid and White Bone Demon.

Gift idea for creative kids

Give this set as a birthday, holiday or surprise gift to kids who love action-adventures full of mythical characters.
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