Вечірка в саду Феї Кітті

LEGO® Gabby's DollhouseLEGO® Gabby's Dollhouse
Небезпека задушення.
Маленькі деталі.

The Fairy Tale Garden, filled with adventures!

Gabby's Dollhouse fans aged 4+ can water flowers to make them grow, have fun on play equipment and drink tea in the treehouse.

Made especially for ages 4+

A large Starter Brick, modular pieces and a self-contained build in each bag make this an ideal learn-to-build playset.

LEGO® Kitty Fairy’s Garden Party

Fun play equipment

Join the friends on the slide, swing and merry-go-round

Treetop adventures

Picnic in the treehouse, where Kitty Fairy also has a bed.

Flowers to grow

Water the flowers, then build them up as they grow taller.

Join in the fun!

Families and friends can be part of the build-and-play experience and share endless imaginative adventures.

Learn and play with favourite characters

Kids join Gabby, Pandy and Kitty Fairy to grow plants, play on a swing, merry-go-round and slide, and share a treetop snack.
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