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Buildable toy for kids

This gift for Animal Crossing™ fans lets kids join Bunnie to explore an outdoor scene inspired by the video game series.
Creative builds for gamers

Hands-on play

Kids continue to explore the Animal Crossing™ world, even when on a screen break.

LEGO® Animal Crossing™ Bunnie’s Outdoor Activities

Fun functions

Kids can help Bunnie leap the river using a vaulting pole.

Character from the video games

Comes with a Bunnie minifigure.

Tuck Bunnie in

The tent doors open so the minifigure fits easily inside.

Familiar features

Net, shovel and axe are recognizable from the video games.

Hidden surprise

The tree holds a surprise, just like in the video games.

Customizable kids’ toy

All the details and baseplates can be endlessly rearranged.

Expand the brick-built community

Thanks to its modular baseplates, kids can combine this gift with other LEGO® Animal Crossing™ sets (sold separately).
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