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Daniel Railean joined the LEGO Group as a Software Engineer Intern in the Infrastructure team in Digital Technology. Six months later, he joined the team as a full-time Software Engineer working on award-winning code.


"I have always been interested in API & Gateways – even before starting my studies. It has always been a passion point, and now I'm pursuing it at the LEGO Group full-time as part of the API Management team in our Infrastructure department in Digital Technology. As a Software Engineer, I support our API strategy and help enable other teams to build APIs."

From passion point to writing awards-winning code

When asked to share a project standing out for him since joining the LEGO Group, Daniel highlights the API Gateway built by the API Management team he is part of, and they even won the API Innovator Award for this work. Lately, Daniel also developed plugin that strengthens our security

"The plugin is developed for the Kong API gateway that connects our systems to the AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud platform. The plug-in works by signing requests with token-based temporary credentials instead of using static usernames and passwords – meaning there are no passwords to leak or hack. We won the API Innovator Award for this work, and I'm thrilled to have contributed."

The code has been released in the open-source software (OSS) community to increase security across the industry. It's a continuation of the journey that started this year when the LEGO Group made its first collection of open-source software public on GitHub (a public place commonly used to host open-source projects). Find all public repos for the LEGO Group here.

"It sounds a bit like a paradox, but when you have an open approach to security and share with peers, they will help point out if there are any security issues, and it ultimately leads to more secure solutions. So we want to give back to the community and be part of that iterative approach".

Finding the team balance

"We all have different passion points in the group – from working on the business side, in development, support, and infrastructure. So there's a great cross-collaboration across the team with opportunities to switch and contribute across different passion points. It's a great way to learn, develop, and pitch in across projects. And there's a lot to dive into when it comes to technology, especially as the LEGO Group has been investing in its digital journey and improving our digital presence."

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