Hidden Side™Daha fazla bilgi

Hidden Side™Daha fazla bilgi

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The Wheels on the Bus

Turn every preschooler’s favorite bus ride song into a creative adventure – all through town!

Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes

People have head, shoulders, knees and toes, but have you ever tried using this song to inspire kids to build cute animals?

Train Song

All aboard! Join the LEGO® DUPLO® family for a day of fun riding the train all over town.

Five Little Monkeys

Learning to count is fun! Sing along with these five mischievous monkeys jumping on their beds.

Rain Rain Go Away

The LEGO® DUPLO® family explores nature on a rainy day and sees pandas, lions, elephants and giraffes. Join in the fun!

Everybody Goes to the Potty

Make potty time fun with a song and a dance!

1-2-3 Delivery

Kids will love to sing along with the cargo train driver on his delivery route through town.

All Around the World

Let your little world explorer take a trip to the Arctic, the jungle, deep under the sea, and lots of exotic places with wild animals!