Where Ravens Crow: Mini Movie Part 2

After stealing the priceless ruby and causing mayhem in LEGO® City, the crooks are on the run from the combined forces of the LEGO City Fire Brigade and the LEGO City Sky Police! When the Raven gang runs out of options, they take the ruby underground, but luckily one policeman and one firefighter won’t give up – leading to an epic jetpack chase through the sky to recover the stolen gem! The Crime Boss is determined to get away with the ruby, but the Sky Police and the Fire Brigade are on the job. Watch them take on a criminal mastermind, save LEGO City citizens, and celebrate the mission with an EPIC handshake in this thrilling, exciting conclusion! This is the second part of a two-part mini movie series! If you missed it, watch the first part of this adventure to see how it all began!

Harika Şeyler!