• Help Cole master balance

    The angrier Cole gets, the less balanced he becomes. But all true Ninjas must be able to Master their emotions.

    Help Cole be a true Ninja, by staying in control and helping him find Balance.

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Balance the tower

Stack the blocks by clicking to release, make a note of your high score, then try to beat it on your next attempt! If you don’t manage to beat it, don’t get angry – just take a deep, calming breath before your next attempt.

You have 3 attempts in total. Good luck!


Find your balance

Slow down
Start over



Good Job!

You balanced XX blocks.

Try again to beat your high score!

Try again

Good Job!

You balanced XX blocks.

Try one final time to beat your high score, by balancing your emotions and staying calm…

Try again


You balanced XX blocks and completed the lesson.

Try again to beat your high score or continue to the Temple to continue your Journey to Ninja Mastery.

Try again