Recycled materials

human hands holding resin

As part of our ambition to make our products from more sustainable sources, we've been exploring using recycled materials to develop a more sustainable LEGO brick.

a LEGO critter factory waving to a LEGO critter cloud

Using recycled materials

Making our bricks from recycled materials helps us lower our impact on the environment. Our research has led to a prototype made from PET plastic bottles!

LEGO critters in a lab, making LEGO bricks

Testing the prototype

Our little prototype isn’t ready just yet! It’s currently undergoing a series of tests so it can meet our high standards for strength, safety and durability.

Gray LEGO brick on a red background

Are you a plastic bottle?

…or maybe just a curious human who wants to know more? Come and find out how we’re changing the lives of bottles looking for a second chance.

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