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Pretty strong in pink

Pretty strong in pink

Think pink is just a pretty color? Well, it is a pretty color. AND it has every bit of muscle, strength and power as every other color on the palette. What’s not to like!

We were searching for strong, pink, on-the-go building ideas when we heard cheering noises coming from our 10571 LEGO® DUPLO® All-in-One-Pink-Box-of-Fun. And look who we found, wrestling inside? Competing for the coveted title “Muscle Man of the Year Every Year Forever in a Million Years” were Elephant, Dinosaur, Summer Carnival Strong Man - and Funny Flamingo Bird.

The result? Funny Flamingo Bird won the title, because it’s easy to be strong when you’re bigger than everyone else, but if you can make your opponent laugh so hard their stomach hurts, you can buy yourself some time to outrun them!

You don’t even need a big strong box of bricks to build your own Muscle Man contestants – each of our four contestants were built with 15 DUPLO bricks or less, which you can easily fit into a lunch box or small on-the-go bag. (Or maybe a slightly bigger bag so they have room to wrestle.)

If you don’t have the exact same bricks, don’t worry – just grab a random handful from your little one’s collection and get ready to rrrrrumble!