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Watch your favourite LEGO videos via LEGO® TV app


With the free LEGO TV app you can view LEGO videos online and offline on your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android device. You can also download your favourite LEGO videos to your device and watch them whenever you like.

The LEGO TV app features three main areas:


1) LEGO Movies streamed from the official LEGO YouTube Channel
 - You have to be online to use this feature. Movies are streamed from the LEGO YouTube channel to your device.

2) LEGO Movies for download to your device
 - This feature allows you to download selected LEGO movies to your device. Please notice that this feature stores the movies on the device and uses memory.

3) LEGO app overview (Market) – list of official LEGO apps
 - This is a list of the official LEGO apps.

The app also features a playlist functionality
 - Here the user can name and create playlists with a mix of selected LEGO Movies.

LEGO TV works on iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android and supports iOS5 operating systems and up.


To download the LEGO TV app for iPhone, iPod, and iPad please click here, and for Android please click here.