Mini perníková chalúpka ZADARMO k nákupom nad 100 €*Do obchodu

Mini perníková chalúpka ZADARMO k nákupom nad 100 €*Do obchodu

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Item 1 of 6

LEGO® DUPLO® Box plný zábavy

LEGO® DUPLO® Box plný zábavy4.93955479.
Average rating4.9out of 5 stars

Mini perníková chalúpka ZADARMO k nákupom aspoň za 100 €*

Price29,99 €

Prijímajú sa doobjednávky, odošle sa do dňa 17. decembra 2019

Limit 20
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VIP body
  • Obsahuje LEGO® DUPLO® figúrku chlapca
  • Obsahuje podvozok vagóna, dve okná, psíka, kocky s číslami a veľký výber ďalších DUPLO kociek
  • Priraďuj k sebe podľa farieb kocky s číslami a ozdobené kocky
  • Ulož si svoje kocky do ikonickej krabice v tvare LEGO kocky
  • LEGO® DUPLO® výrobky sú pre malé ručičky zábavné a bezpečné
  • Domček meria vyše 14 cm na výšku, 12 cm na šírku a je 8 cm hlboký
  • Vagón meria vyše 5 cm na výšku, 9 cm na dĺžku a 6 cm na šírku
  • Psík meria vyše 4 cm na výšku
  • Chlapec meria vyše 5 cm na výšku
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LEGO® DUPLO® Box plný zábavy
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  • Expresné doručenie je dostupné pri pokladnici.
  • Objednávky jednotlivých súčiastok sa odosielajú oddelene od tovaru a ich spracovanie a odoslanie si vyžaduje dlhší čas.
  • Neotvorený tovar možno vrátiť do 90 dní od doručenia objednávky a získať tak refundáciu plnej ceny.
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Celkové hodnotenieAverage rating4.9out of 5 stars
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Herný zážitokAverage rating4.6out of 5 stars
NáročnosťAverage rating1.7out of 5 stars
Hodnota za peniazeAverage rating3.9out of 5 stars
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  • in 25 days
    Average rating5out of 5 stars
    Hours of Fun!
    Lego Duplo was kind enough to supply us with the Lego Duplo All-In-One-Box-of-Fun for an enjoyable Duplo Lego kids party! The Lego Duplo All-In-One-Box-of-Fun supplied our party with HOURS of fun!! With 65 pieces of endless possibilities, the children were able to use their imagination creating many different scenes! The adorable dog and person were a huge hit! They loved using them to travel through their creations. The children used their bricks to create buildings, trees, a train, a car, and SO MUCH more!! The parents all especially loved the 1,2, and 3 numbered bricks that little ones were able to match up with corresponding bricks with a matching picture showing that many of an object. There is one radio to match to the number 1, two mice to match to the number 2, and three apples to match tothe number 3. This sparked so much creativity during our play. The kids built a taxi car that had to drive around and pick up the matching picture that belonged to the number, and another child built a number train. We also had fun seeing how high we could build the bricks before it would topple over. We also had a mom and son work on building patterns with the different colored bricks! This set is not only fun, but proved to be educational too!! Thank you Lego Duplo for the chance to review your product! The parents at our party can't wait to add Duplo Lego to their homes too!!
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    55LEGO® DUPLO® Box plný zábavy
  • in 23 days
    Average rating3out of 5 stars
    Ignore the Duplo Party comments; very limited
    | 25-34
    Most of the reviews here are from overexcited Duplo Party participants. Here’s a real review from someone who isn’t trying to get anything. It’s a play set. It’s not an open-ended box of bricks; Lego apparently doesn’t make those any more, except for their expensive Education line. I should’ve listened to the reviews on Amazon, where people warned this is a limited set that doesn’t compare to the old Duplo buckets Lego made for years. I bought this for my three-year-old nephew based on my own childhood memories of Duplo, and there simply aren’t enough pieces for him to build much of anything except what’s on the box. The pieces are too specialized for truly inventive creativity. It comes with one boy and one dog. The car wheel base isn’t as flexible as the old wagon base. There’s no large baseplate, but I can buy a super-thin $15 one that everyone complains about (and Lego has a very cute copy-and-paste response for that). I was hoping to find the giant buckets that Lego used to make—the ones that came with a few kids, a few wagon bases, and a ton of bricks (some with eyeballs). Those are available from the Lego Education website, but not here. They’ve all been retired. (Please bring those back!) As for my 3-year-old nephew: he put this together once and realized he couldn’t do much else with it. Now it’s just another play set instead of the open-ended fun I was hoping it would be.

    Odpoveď z obchodu LEGO®

    20. novembra 2019
    Céline, Customer Service
    Thanks for taking the time to write us a review. Our developers love hearing from you in order to continuously improve and innovate. We're so sorry to hear about your experience with this LEGO® DUPLO® All-in-One-Box-of-Fun. We always want to encourage our fans be creative and think outside of the box! The suggested builds are there to inspire you, but of course, feel free to break the rules. When your nephew gets a bit older make sure to check our LEGO Classic theme. Big boxes full of LEGO parts, every fan's dream! In the meanwhile, keep your eyes peeled for future surprises.
    Herný zážitokAverage rating3out of 5 stars
    NáročnosťAverage rating2out of 5 stars
    Hodnota za peniazeAverage rating3out of 5 stars
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    35LEGO® DUPLO® Box plný zábavy
  • in 3 months
    Average rating5out of 5 stars
    Great for a first set
    Odporučil(a) by som tento produkt priateľom
    Perfect for little ones just getting started. Mostly simple blocks which are great for learning the basics of putting them together and pulling them apart. The plastic box they come in is fun too. I'm guessing the box is why this set seems slightly overpriced. I didn't realize until buying another Duplo set later​ that the person that comes with this set is actually a child. It's not a bad thing, just good to know.
    Herný zážitokAverage rating5out of 5 stars
    NáročnosťAverage rating1out of 5 stars
    Hodnota za peniazeAverage rating4out of 5 stars
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    55LEGO® DUPLO® Box plný zábavy
  • in 26 days
    Average rating5out of 5 stars
    Our outside LEGO DUPLO PARTY
    We had our #LEGODUPLOParty outside since it was a beautiful day! I love the versatility LEGO DUPLO bricks offer. We can play both inside and outside without worry because the bricks are made very well and are easy to wipe clean if played outside. As a parent, what I really liked was the LEGO DUPLO bricks came with a page of different picture creations. This gave the kids new ideas on what they can build with their new LEGO DUPLO bricks. What I also liked about these pictures were they were shown in a way where the kids did not feel they HAD to build those ideas. They still could use their imagination and build whatever their hearts desired. My kids loved the bright colors and easy assembly that the LEGO DUPLO bricks offer. Some favorites from the box were the dog and the car. The storage box provided is very handy to store the LEGO DUPLO bricks, and is easy to open for even the littlest hands. My youngest feels independent since she can open and close the box on her own, and is now able to play whenever she wants. My kids ages range from 2 to 9 years old, so finding something they all enjoy together has always been a struggle. But, I am so thankful for LEGO DUPLO because they ALL enjoy building and playing together for hours. We cannot say enough good things about LEGO DUPLO bricks! #sponsored
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    55LEGO® DUPLO® Box plný zábavy