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The Top 7 LEGO® Truck Toys For Kids

Sometimes a car toy isn’t enough. Sometimes you need something bigger, beefier and better – and that’s where these LEGO® truck toys come in.

Ranging from realistic and powerful sets with authentic, interactive features to the coolest superhero vehicles on the road, these toy trucks are sure to leave others in the dust.

LEGO® City – Town Centre

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Centrum mestečka

Price99,99 €

It’s not just about the truck itself: kids need somewhere to drive it! Take the truck with its moveable crane for a spin around town and go to the recycling station, pizza restaurant and even the martial arts dojo.

There’s so much to explore in the 790-piece town center, but if you need even more adventure options, the LEGO City Road Plates mean children can connect the model with other sets to expand an entire toy metropolis!

LEGO City – Airshow Jet Transporter

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Transport akrobatickej stíhačky

Price28,99 €
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Drive your truck then take to the air with this plane-transporting set! The toy jet plane features adjustable tail fins and a tinted cockpit for realistic flight roleplay. And when it’s time to get it back in storage, use the articulated transporter truck toy and trailer to take it home at the end of the flight. 

The set comes with a range of accessories like a coffee cup, a toolbox, a wrench, a hammer, a flight helmet and an air mask, as well as two marshalling wands to guide the jet to take-off. 

With space in the truck for the driver minifigure and a cockpit in the plane for the pilot, this set is ready for supersonic role-play adventures.

LEGO Spider-Man – Spider-Man’s Monster Truck vs. Mysterio

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Spider-Man v monster trucku vs. Mysterio

Price50,99 €
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Join Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen as they face down dual threats Doctor Octopus and Mysterio – using their powerful monster truck!

Equipped with working suspension, a net launcher, and two buildable armed drones that have shooters of their own, it’s only a matter of time before the bad guys are behind bars.

Perfect for kids who love action, the working net shooter and massive monster truck wheels are sure to make them feel like they’re there in the scene.

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LEGO DUPLO® – Fire Station

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Hasičská stanica

Price49,99 €
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Trucks are fun for all ages! Bring the action to life with this truck toy for toddlers aged two and up.

Your young ones can help the firefighters as they practice putting out the campfire, then climb the ladder to rescue the station dog in the tower.<br>

When it’s time to deal with an emergency, your toddlers can build their motor skills by putting the firefighters in the truck, where they can activate the flashing light and siren, pack up the ladder, hose and fire extinguisher and get to work!

LEGO Technic – Monster Jam® Grave Digger®

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Monster Jam® Grave Digger®

Price19,49 €

The Monster Jam® Grave Digger® is packed with realistic touches like Grave Digger graphics, huge tires, a movable flag and red headlights.

Featuring a pull-back motor, the truck can be launched at high speeds to knock down obstacles and tear across a playtime stadium, just like the real vehicles.

This awesome two-in-one toy rebuilds into a super off-road buggy for taking the adventures outside the stadium and tackling a whole new world of racing.<br>

©2021 Feld Motor Sports, Inc.

LEGO Technic – 6x6 Volvo Articulated Hauler

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Kĺbový dumper Volvo 6x6

Price249,99 €

Want more out of your truck? This remote-control truck toy is powered by one large angular position motor, one XL motor and one L motor with a Bluetooth-controlled Smart Hub for realistic functionality.

Take control of the truck using the accompanying LEGO Technic CONTROL+ app. You can use the screens to drive, steer, change speed and even change gear, as well as unload the hauler’s bucket.<br>

If you need even more ideas for playtime, the app features challenges and achievements to help you or your kids develop driving skills.

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LEGO Technic – Mobile Crane

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Mobilný žeriav

Price109,99 €
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For the older truck fans, the Mobile Crane is a challenging build of 1292 pieces and is ideal for LEGO Technic fans looking for a model that’s packed with functionality.<br>

Looking just like the real thing with its classic black and yellow design, the crane operates just like a real one too. Drive and steer the vehicle into place, then use the outriggers to secure it in its spot. Raise the boom, extend the arm and use the hoist to carry the concrete pillar where it needs to go!

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