We believe every child should have an opportunity to achieve their potential. Play nurtures and develops the breadth of skills children need to thrive and to solve problems creatively while boosting confidence and resilience. The LEGO Group and the LEGO Foundation work together to be a global force for Learning through Play bringing play to children in need in our communities around the world.

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Reaching more children with Learning through Play

Children’s education continues to be impacted by the lasting effects of COVID-19-related school closures and disruption. The need to support Learning through Play through the community is more important than ever. Over the past two years, we have increased the number of community organisations we collaborate with to reach more children. For example, First Book in the U.S., Campfire Circle in Canada, Fondo Unido in Mexico, the Science Centre in Singapore, and Seoul National University Hospital in South Korea have joined our roster of partners.
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The LEGO Foundation has a 25% ownership in the LEGO Group, which means that 25% of our profit dividends are contributing to giving all children the chance to learn and play. With the LEGO Foundation and many great partners, we reached over 3.5 million children with Learning through Play activities in 2021. This was nearly 14,000 children above our target set for 2021. Our ambition for 2022 is to reach 6 million children.

Supporting children and families in Ukraine

During 2022, the LEGO Group and the LEGO Foundation have provided support to families and children affected by the war in Ukraine:

  • DKK 110 million (USD 15 million) donated with the Ole Kirk Foundation in March to support UNICEF, Save the Children and Danish Red Cross.
  • 240 refugee children per day visited playrooms established by our employees in Hungary during the month of April.
  • Our warehouse space in Hungary was also given to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) for one month for food and goods.
  • 300+ employees took advantage of additional time off to volunteer collecting relief items and donating toys.
  • DKK 4.3 million (USD 554,000), together with the LEGO Foundation, was allocated to support NGOs partners working with Ukrainian children.
  • USD 1.9 million (DKK 14 million) donated to UNHCR establishment of 29 ‘Blue Dot safe space protection and support hubs’ to provide children and families with critical information and services such as psychosocial support and legal aid.
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Learning about sustainability through play

Build the Change is a playful, hands-on programme designed to inspire children’s creativity and give them a voice on climate challenges and issues that matter to them. Towards the end of 2021, we launched a Biodiversity & Climate Change resource in collaboration with First Book in the U.S. and in 2022 a new course with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, ‘A Future without Waste’. This course is designed for educators and introduces key concepts of the circular economy such as how we can reduce, reuse and repurpose waste.

In the UK, Build the Change also partnered with Red Nose Day — an annual fundraising campaign to ensure a healthy future for all children — using Learning through Play content to inspire 40,000+ children to design habitats for different animals. It also teamed up with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, to launch ‘Wild Challenge’ educational packs for schools and families which encourage children to get exploring and ideating on ways to make a difference.

Our child-facing Build the Change content continues to connect children to sustainability in safe digital settings including our own LEGO® Life platform, where an Earth Month event took the children through a series of challenges that enabled them to express their passion for protecting the planet and earn eco-hero badges.

Our collaboration with PopJam also continued into 2022, with 22,000 children reached with bitesize educational sustainability content and games.

We’re serious about safe digital play

The LEGO Group wishes to safeguard and empower children, and we leverage the unique position of our brand, products, and experiences to do so. By delivering various digital empowerment programmes and activities for children and families, we enable children to effectively administer their online engagement and identity, and educate them on their digital rights, responsibilities, and own well-being.
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Product safety

Throughout our 90-year history, children and parents have trusted us to provide safe, high-quality products that meet or even surpass the most rigorous international toy safety regulations and standards. Since 2009, we have had zero product recalls.

Promoting inclusive play