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5+Возрастные группы

Inspirational LEGO City playset

This multi-model LEGO City service station comes with a camper van, SUV and fun characters for endless imaginative play.

Supercharged fun for kids

Kids can help the station clerk serce Octan E, gasoline and snacks at this toy service station for gas and electric vehicles.

LEGO City Service Station

One-stop service station

Customers can enjoy snacks and beverages at the cozy shop.

Recharging creative play

Check out the Octan E charging point with solar panels.

Realistic detailing

Gasoline pump comes with a flexible hose

Easy to use digital building instructions

Using Digital Instructions PLUS via the LEGO Life app, kids aged 5+ can zoom, rotate and visualize the model as they build.

Meet the characters

Comes with gas station clerk, driver and 2 surfer minifigures and a dog figure.

Для набора есть Instructions PLUS!

Понятные и увлекательные 3D-инструкции по сборке!