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Harley-Davidson® Fat Boy®

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16+Возрастные группы

Build your very own Harley-Davidson® Fat Boy®

A celebration of innovative engineering and design, this replica of the iconic motorcycle has an array of authentic details.

An iconic centerpiece for the home or office

This authentic replica model features solid-disc wheels with beefy tires and a teardrop fuel tank with built-in speedometer.

LEGO® Creator Expert Harley-Davidson® Fat boy®

Iconic fuel tank

Teardrop fuel tank with printed Harley-Davidson® emblems.

Fuel tank speedometer

Speedometer is mounted on the fuel tank.

Detailed engine

Milwaukee-Eight® engine with moving pistons.

Muscle motorcycle

Solid-disc wheels with beefy tires for a cool muscular look.

Sturdy kickstand

Flip-down kickstand for easy parking.

Front forks

Detailed suspension and handlebars with adjustable mirrors.

Realistic color and scale depiction

A detailed LEGO® Creator Expert replica of the real-world Harley-Davidson® Fat Boy® motorcycle, with lots of authentic features.