LEGO House topping out ceremony

The topmost brick of LEGO House is now in place. That is why 3,000 citizens and LEGO employees are taking part in the topping-out ceremony today. They are invited to take a tour of the LEGO House construction site and if they look up during the tour, they will have a clear view of the classic 2X4 LEGO brick, which sits at the very top of the building. When it is completely finished, LEGO House will consist of 21 LEGO bricks built on top of one another.
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At the very core is LEGO play
LEGO Group owner Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen says:
“LEGO House is a dream that will soon come true for my family and me. We are creating a unique place where families and LEGO fans of all ages can come and experience the LEGO Group’s history and values, while exploring all that LEGO play has to offer. Children learn by playing with LEGO bricks, and this is the very core of our business. It will also be the core of LEGO House, which is an important contribution from us to the vision of Billund as the Capital of Children.”

In addition to a tour of the construction site, guests can enjoy traditional Danish sausages and soft drinks and play with LEGO bricks. The topping-out ceremony takes place in collaboration with shops and shop owners in Billund who have made sure that all of Billund is in a festive mood.

Housing the LEGO brick’s endless possibilities
The festive mood also applies to the LEGO Group’s CEO Jørgen Vig Knudstorp:
“We are building this one LEGO® House in the very heart of Billund, very close to where the LEGO Group was first founded. In the LEGO Group, we work daily to create exciting and fun play experiences for children all over the world. As LEGO House materialises, it also becomes clear that with this house, we will have a unique place where everyone can enjoy the endless creative possibilities the LEGO brick has to offer.”

If everything goes as planned, LEGO House will open to the public in the second half of 2017. Before then, the house itself has to be completed and the many LEGO experiences installed. As General Manager of LEGO House Jesper Vilstrup is responsible for ensuring that the project will run smoothly and subsequently for operating the experience centre:

A gathering point for Billund’s citizens and visitors
“Guests are required to purchase tickets to experience the complete LEGO House experience, and we are currently in the process of developing that part. However, there will be free access to the public to explore the house. It will be possible to enjoy the view from the very top of LEGO House, and there will be free access to the large indoor area with a restaurant, café and a LEGO store. Our hope is that with LEGO House, we will create a new gathering point for the local community and the many visitors to Billund.”

Lego House view at night
Facts about LEGO House
• LEGO House will be 12,000 m2.
• LEGO House will be 23 m tall.
• There will be public access over and across the house using stairs and terraces.
• There will be public access to a 2,000 m2 covered square inside LEGO House with a café, a restaurant and a LEGO store.
• LEGO House has been designed by Danish architectural firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG).
• Architecturally, the LEGO House can be seen as consisting of 21 LEGO bricks, built on top of one another, that enclose a large indoor space above which the Keystone Gallery is situated, shaped to resemble a classic 2X4 LEGO brick.
• The largest part of the LEGO House will be for paying visitors, consisting of four specially designed play zones.
• The play zone exhibits and activities will offer guests unique LEGO experiences, inviting them to use their minds as well as their hands. In the play zones, guests are expected to be active and to build with LEGO bricks, experiment with LEGO bricks, tell stories using LEGO bricks, express themselves using LEGO bricks, to be challenged and inspired as LEGO builders and to see fantastic LEGO creations.
• In the fifth play zone, visitors will be presented to the story of the family company including the development of the LEGO products, the LEGO brand and the LEGO Group.
• The project is expected to open to the public in the second half of 2017.
• The LEGO House is one of the LEGO Group’s contributions to the vision of Billund as the Capital of Children.
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