Como fazer um videoclipe em casa

Choose a song you love

First, find the perfect song.

Do you want the soundtrack of your video to be rock, pop, country, hip-hop? It’s totally up to you, but choose wisely. The song will influence the overall style and direction of your music video.

You can even build your music video around a current online trend. Remember when dancing to Blinding Lights by the Weeknd was a thing?

If you’re using our music video making app, LEGO® VIDIYO™, there’s a whole selection of tracks to choose from thanks to our friends at Universal.

Plus, you can match your favorite genre of music with one of our LEGO VIDIYO sets to unlock cool in-app features to get even more creative and help set the scene. <insert product leaf for 43113> For example, if your kids loves K-pop, the K-Pawp Concert set will give you the tools and features to make your own K-Pop concert music video.

Top tip: memorize the lyrics if you’ll be lip syncing.

Set the stage

While a real music video involves an army of stylists, massive sets and luxury offshore locations, you can still create something awesome with just two key things.

A phone camera and an awesome imagination.

Find a spacious well-lit room in your house and clear the space (especially if you’ll be channeling your inner choreographer). Or better yet, film in the garden where you might find better lighting.

Once you’ve found your location, it’s time to set the stage. To give your music video that extra oomph, decorate the room and use props to help tell the story through the set.