Just Imagine with Tracy

“We inspire curious minds through play. Play inspires me to be creative.”

"‘Play’ is the DNA of the LEGO® brand. Only when each of us at the LEGO Group truly understands what ‘play’ means, can we deliver that in a meaningful way to children."

Tracy, who works in our Retail Operations Team in Shanghai, China, shares the belief in the power of playful learning. It’s how our colleagues are able inspire and develop the curious minds of the builders of tomorrow. By making play a part of what we do, we ensure that everyone who works with us is enabled, empowered and engaged.

This is how we succeed: by living the LEGO Group core values and seeing how these come to life through the imaginations of everyone who works here.


"I’ve been working in training since I started my career.
But I didn’t know how it could be so creative and fun until I joined the LEGO Group."

"What’s more, it plays a vital role in helping us all to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge we need to be better at what we do. It’s how we innovate for the business and grow personally and professionally.”

The LEGO Group's commitment to playful learning extends beyond formal training programs.
It's woven into the fabric of the company's culture, fostering a work environment where creativity, innovation, and collaboration thrives.
Colleagues are encouraged to experiment, take risks and learn from our mistakes, just as children do through play.

This approach to learning not only benefits colleagues, but also translates into a better customer experience. With colleagues who are passionate about their work and have a deep understanding of the LEGO® brand values, we are better equipped to create products and play experiences that truly resonate with customers and consumers.


“For us, learning is not just a task. It’s a playful and engaging experience. We try to make this come alive in all of our training initiatives."

"One example of this was transforming the annual training course for our Store Manager Forum into a fun-filled event with over 200 participants engaging in games and activities. The cheers and laughter filling the room were a testament to the success of this playful approach to learning."

Our success story is a testament to the power of playful learning.
By fostering a culture of creativity, innovation, and fun, the company has not only attracted and retained top talent but also built a brand that is loved by children and adults around the world.

It's a reminder that learning doesn't have to be boring; it can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

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