1 Picture, 4 Options

Build your favorite of the four portraits or change it as many times as you like. Two new elements – a LEGO® brick separator with improved functionality and a hook - make rebuilding your artwork easy when you want to refresh and update your display.

Listen – Build – Relax

Choose your favorite color combination, plug in your headphones to listen to the unique soundtrack and forget about the rest of the world for a little (or a long) while. Build at your own pace, watch your captivating portrait come alive tile by tile, and enjoy the gallery vibe you’ve created.

Step Inside ‘The Factory’

Note: Soundtrack only available in English.

Feel yourself being transported to Andy Warhol’s famous New York studio, ‘The Factory’, while you listen to the soundtrack that reveals the story behind the artist and his work and how it’s interpreted into LEGO® Art.

  • “Art is what you can get away with.” – Andy Warhol

    A true multimedia artist, Warhol created paintings, drawings, films, sculptures, fashion designs, photographs and hundreds of ‘time capsules’ filled with objects from his daily life. Throughout his career, his work transformed the art world as he carved out a space for himself and his art to be accessible and relatable to mainstream audiences, inspiring generations of artists to come.