Sustainable packaging

LEGO figures putting packaging in the bin
LEGO® bricks are designed to be reused and handed down through generations, but LEGO boxes and other packaging are often disposed of quickly. Some of our packaging contains single-use disposable plastic, which today, isn’t sustainable or in some cases able to be recycled. That’s why we’re taking urgent action to make all our packaging sustainable by 2025.
LEGO figures holding paper bags

We’ve been playing with paper packaging

We will begin to test paper bags in our boxes which means goodbye single use plastic and hello recycling bin! First, we will trial paper bags that are made from Forest Stewardship Council certified paper and fully recyclable. They will be designed to help children understand the importance of recycling and ensure they have the best possible play experience. Our new bags will be phased in over a four-year period from 2021.
Bricks jumping out of a box

We believe good toys should never go to waste