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How to make a rocking confetti cannon

How to make a rocking confetti cannon

You will need:

Free printable rocket template
White card
Red and yellow tissue paper
Hot glue gun
Kitchen paper roll, cut in half
Cutting mat
Craft knife
Gold Mylar® sheets
Sticky tape

Step 1: Print the rocket template onto white card, and then use scissors to cut an 8in by 5in (20cm x 13cm) rectangle of red tissue paper. 

Step 2: Apply hot glue around the edge of a paper roll, and then wrap the tissue paper along the glued edge. Wait for the glue to cool.

Step 3: Pinch the tissue paper together, and then secure with twine. Leave about 10in (25cm) of twine dangling at the end.

Step 4: Place a cutting mat down to protect your workspace, and then use a craft knife and ruler to cut 1.5in-long (4cm) strips into sheets of gold Mylar, leaving 1/2in (1cm) clear at the top. Layer several sheets to speed up the process. Repeat using yellow tissue paper. 

Step 5: Take a piece of gold fringe, 6in (15cm) long, and fold into halves until it is about 2in (5in) long. Repeat with the yellow fringe. Next, wrap the gold fringe around the knot at the base of the roll. Secure with hot glue along the top edge. Repeat with the yellow fringe.

Step 6: Use scissors to cut out the rocket, fins and semi-circle topper from the template. Place a cutting mat down to protect your workspace, and then use a craft knife and ruler to make slits into the side of the rocket. 

Step 7: Fold the fins, then insert into the rocket slits. Use sticky tape on the back to secure in place.

Step 8: Roll the semi-circle topper into a cone, and then apply glue. Hold in place until the glue has cooled. 

Step 9: Align and wrap the rocket around the paper roll, applying long vertical strips of hot glue as you go.

Step 10: Fill the rocket with confetti.

Step 11: Apply hot glue to the rim of the rocket, and then quickly place the cone topper in place. Allow to dry.

Step 12: Make more as desired, and then let them off by pulling the strings at party time!

Top tip: If you don’t have any confetti, use a star-shape craft punch to make a fun alternative filling.

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