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An ice cream treat… without the sticky hands!

An ice cream treat… without the sticky hands!

Have you ever met a child who doesn’t like ice cream? Do such mythical creatures exist? In fairness, nothing beats a delicious ice cream from a jingly, jangly ice cream truck on a hot summer’s day. So, these LEGO® DUPLO® DIY iced delights will be music to your little one’s ears.

This is no humble dessert though. It’s a powerhouse of a dessert, dripping with good times and learning moments. Start by grabbing a bunch of bricks for ice creams and lollies, then set up an ice cream parlor. Take turns at working the counter or being a customer. You can make play even cooler by mixing in extra educational value. Try writing practice for older preschoolers (taking orders), counting practice for younger preschoolers (“Three scoops of strawberry”) and manners practice for all ages (“Please may I have…”).

Encourage your little one to think outside of the ice cream box by inventing new flavors, and then rebuilding accordingly. Place an order for an unappetizing ice cream (cheese, perhaps?), then make your little one giggle by being totally grossed out as you pretend to eat it.

There’s another brilliant benefit to the DIY iced range: no sticky hands or messy faces to contend with after. So, when the parlor’s ready to close, share your little one’s best builds, and their clean, happy faces, on our Facebook page.