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Building numbers should be as easy as 1-2-3

Building numbers should be as easy as 1-2-3

Do you remember when you started learning how to write letters and numbers? They weren’t all the same height, they were crooked, barely legible, and keeping them all on a straight line on a piece of paper was a struggle of Herculean proportions for small hands. But it didn’t matter – it was the curiosity about what we could do with all these letters and numbers that made them so fascinating. The anticipation of what we could tell, what more we would learn once we cracked that secret code. That’s what kept us going.

If you remember that fascination with opportunities yet unknown, you can apply it to your creative journey. Whatever you want to create, whatever new thing you’re trying to learn – forget the details for a moment, and just use the whole paper: lines, spaces, corners, both sides and all! You’ll find your style in time.

If your young one is starting to show an interest in numbers, maybe from older siblings who are already in school, from their favorite songs, TV shows or games, you can help them get a hands on experience with numbers by building them with different materials. (See our post ABC: The building blocks of language for more inspiration.)

Our designers built these examples of numbers you can build with LEGO® DUPLO® bricks. You can download this cute, decorative full poster here and use as play room decoration and inspiration in your kids room or nursery.

And you can’t have just one download in a post about numbers, so get a free coloring page with numbers here as well! Download here