How we’re helping families impacted by COVID-19

Our commitment to ensuring we reach crisis-affected children with learning through play support and vital supplies.

Image of volunteer wearing a mask and loading bags of food onto a school bus

With 90% of the world’s student population currently out of school, and millions of families facing financial, job or medical insecurity, the global impact of COVID-19 on children’s wellbeing and development is unprecedented.

We’ve been inspired and humbled by the work that thousands of amazing charities, NGOs and not-for-profit organisations are doing to provide essential services to families during this time – whether that be ensuring children continue to have access to education, or helping the youngest members of our communities feel safe, valued and supported.

But in many cases, these organisations are facing an unparalleled demand for their services.

That’s why we’ve joined forces with the LEGO Foundation, pledging US $50m to support children impacted by COVID-19. Part of the funding will go to new and existing partners in our local communities to help them reach crisis-affected children with vital supplies and opportunities to learn through play to support their well-being and the development of essential life skills.

Here are just few examples of the many ways these incredible organisations support children day-after-day.

Amigos – Hungary

Amigos brings rare moments of playful joy to young patients in hospitals across Hungary. The organisation is run entirely by university students who visit the wards to teach children languages, help with their studies, play games and surprise them with small gifts. As current guidelines prevent the students from visiting hospitals, the funding from the LEGO Group has helped the students to set up Amigos Online. Through the online program, volunteers can maintain their invaluable relationships with young patients, keeping them playing, studying and smiling even when times are tough.

No Kid Hungry – US

With schools closed and many parents out of work, millions of vulnerable children across the United States are missing the school meals they depend on. Donations from the LEGO Foundation and LEGO Group will help support No Kid Hungry's incredible coronavirus relief and recovery efforts; providing emergency grants to schools, food banks and community groups in the hardest-hit communities across the country to ensure kids are getting the meals they need during this crisis and beyond.

Body & Soul – United Kingdom

This organisation works day-in, day-out to support children and families struggling with the effects of trauma, neglect, and abuse. Funding will be mobilised to help the organisation continue to provide essential services to the most vulnerable children in the community, arranging regular phone contact and care packages. Contact like this helps ensure children feel valued, secure and loved through this time of fear and uncertainty. With their knowledge of the collective trauma Body & Soul has also broadened its services to run two new programmes - BRAVE; therapeutic support for NHS frontline workers and their families and MindSET; therapeutic skills workshops for young people in distress.

Ai You Foundation – China

The outbreak of the COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown in the Hubei province impacted millions of households in the region significantly. Many suffered from loss of income and as a result, thousands of families are struggling to cover the costs of essential supplies, school tuition and medical treatment. The Ai You Foundation responded immediately, setting up networks and schemes to support the most vulnerable families through this time. Donations from the LEGO Foundation and LEGO Group are helping the most families-in-need in the Hubei province by funding vital supplies and online learning resources to ensure children can continue to learn while at home.